Use of Some Products Causes Acne


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Acne avoidance needs lot of care. Uses of products play a big role in Acne. If you use a product that can cause comedos- whiteheads and blackheads, you are inviting acne. to avoid acne you should use all products that are certified non- comedogenic. Let us find out what comedogenicity is and how to keep skin clear of acne?

Most of the materials that are used for skin and body care are tested for comedogenicity. For that test, the material is applied on the inside of rabbit's ear and the site observed after three weeks. A biopsy is taken and comedones counted. Depending on the comedone formation, the material is classified on a scale of 0 to 5. A material with 0 comedogenic potential will not cause comedones, while one with 5 will cause comedones in the largest quantity.

Here, please note that a skin care product may contain more than one ingredient. The manufacturer will label the product as comedogenic or non-comedogenic. Please use non-comedogenic product. Appearance of the product may not indicate its comedogenicity. Mineral oil that looks oily has the no.0!

Acne care needs use of products after careful consideration. Use non-comedogenic products and if after using a product for some time you find comedones increasing, stop usage for some time and see the result. Your own judgment will guide you. Keep your skin free of acne.

Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns.

The Target Causes of Acne Products -

The measures taken to prevent acne can be either medicated or non-medicated. Acne is curable via first-class skin care or drugs. However, medication must only be taken when non-medicated treatments or home remedies do not work. Acne is basically formed due to excessive oil secretion in the skin. One way of preventing and curing acne is to free the skin of excess oil glands.

How do the Acne products work? -

Acne products work by removing excess oil from the skin and also by removing dead cells and cleaning clogged pores so that the skin can breathe. They are made up of a variety of natural, organic and inorganic compounds which collectively work to make the condition of the affected skin better.


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