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Retin A Gel
Retin A Gel

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Retin A Gel is basically a gel based topical medication for the treatment of acne. The generic name for this medication is Tretinoin. Tretinoin also happens to be the active ingredient of this medication and actually works in reducing the acne by increasing cell turnover.

There are possible side effects associated with this medication. But they are usually not too bothersome. You must maintain some necessary safety measures while using this medication. Since, it is strictly meant for topical application, you must take care so that you do not swallow it accidentally. In case, it enters your eyes, wash it off immediately.

As far as the dosage schedule is concerned, it must be closely followed. The medicine must not be taken in excess and should be used at the same time regularly. Missing the dosage schedule or double dosing can prove to be harmful.

In the first couple of weeks of using this medication, the condition of your skin might worsen. But you must not pay much heed to it as it is a part of the treatment itself. Do not stop using this medication if you see such symptoms. Give your skin some time to heal. Check on with your doctor to see if you qualify for the usage of this medication.

Retin A Gel Side Effects

It is difficult to come across medications that do not have the possibility of causing any side effects. Whether mild or severe, temporary or permanent; side effects are always probable. For some medications, side effects are very frequent and almost everyone who uses the medication gets them. For others, it is like only a few people using them experience their side effects. Unfortunately, there is no way in which it could be previously made out if a person will experience the side effects of a certain medication.

Conditions Retin A Gel Treats

Retin A Gel is basically a treatment medication for acne. It can also be prescribed for any other condition; if your doctor thinks it is appropriate.

How to Use Retin A Gel

With any kind of medication, the usage procedure must be strictly followed. The same is in case of Retin-A Gel as well. This gel based acne treatment medication is meant for external usage only. It must not be used anywhere apart from the skin area where your doctor prescribed it for. To know the exact dosage amount, talk to your doctor. You will also get this information of the medicine label. Before the application of the medication, you must follow some conditions.

How to Buy Retin A Gel

Retin A Gel is one of the most effective ways to fight acne and this is a prescription medication that has active ingredients that promote cell turnover. This effectively stops dead skin cells from clogging the pores, which cause breakouts. To buy Retin A Gel the online pharmacy is where it can be found as discount Retin A Gel and where it can be ordered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


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