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acne care treatments

When people try acne care treatments they experienced diverse results. It can happen because every person has a certain type of skin and also different body chemistry to the others. Some acne care treatments may cause unfavorable effects. Such as some chemicals like alcohols or fragrances. Alcohols, though promoted as moisturizers, actually dry the skin, and fragrances which can cause allergies and burning to the skin may also lead to severe skin disorders.

Usually when you use an acne care product for a period of time you will know that the product which contains synthetic chemicals such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide is not effective at all. At the present time, a lot of people decide on natural method to clear their acne. Most people like better a safer acne care procedure without causing any side effects and without wasting their money. To do a natural acne care treatment you can follow these ways:

Consuming fruits. In acne care treatment fruits are the best natural resources to supply vital nutritions that are needed for a healthy skin. From several kinds of fruits you can prepare your own mask. You can use a blender to pulverize the fruits such as apple, banana, grape, melon, avocado and so on. Thicken the puree with clay powder, after become smooth and thick you can spread it all over your face, except around the eye area of course. After about 20 minutes you can take it off and wash your face with fresh water and then close the pores with rosewater.

Using egg white. You can also make a face mask by using egg white. It is a simple recipe for acne care treatment. Wash the whole egg shell to assure you are prevented from salmonella infection. Then break the egg, take the egg white and mix it with a small amount of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your face and let it dry. After dry for some moments you can peel it off.

Using essential oils and herbs. For acne care treatment using essential oils and herbs is more effective and safer if you compare with benzoyl peroxide. Moreover, they generate your skin less oily and remove surplus sebum. Some of these herbal acne care medicines have proven highly effective in combating acne by cleansing the skin from the inside, getting to the source of the problem by balancing the natural testosterone and estrogen found within the male and female body. When looking for a natural acne care alternative, be sure to check the ingredients and indications.

Detoxification. Acne grows because of toxins in your body. The toxins could come in either from your food, or from the environment where you are exposed everyday. If you can do a regular detoxification in your acne care treatment it can help you to clear up acne. By flushing the toxins from your body, it can also control the occurrences of the acne. All you need is to take flax oil regularly. You can easily buy it at health stores.

You can do a natural acne care treatment at home without apprehensive about spend too much money because it is really not costly. Additionally, people can not intrusive your privacy when you are treating your acne. However, if these methods fail, you need to see a dermatologist to consult and consider about your best acne care treatment suitable for you.

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