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laser acne treatment tipsAcne laser treatment is an effective way to take care of your acne with shorter treatment phase without side effects. This safe and tender treatment utilizes laser to overcome glands sebaceous that overactive in your skin – which is the main  cause of acne. With acne laser treatment, you not only take care the symptoms of acne development, but you also overcome the source cause of acne! The following are some frequent answers and questions concerning acne laser treatment.

What does acne laser treatment look like?

You and medical doctor or acne laser technician will use eye-shade during the treatment. Technician will use a small handy equipment to send laser pulse to your skin. You will only feel a cool touching on your skin. This cool touching equipment protects the top layer of your skin each time the laser pulse hits about your skin.

How long time does it take for each treatment?

Depend on the area which will be treated by applying this acne laser, one treatment session requires about 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Most  the patients report that this procedure is a few “softer” rather like small bite or feel like stung, like abstracting rubber band from your skin. Local anesthesia is available if you feel uncomfortable with the treatment procedure.

What is the risk or side effect of this treatment?

The risk of this procedure is very minimum. Redness usually visible soon after this procedure is done and will fade in a few hours.

How does this acne laser treatment work?

Acne laser treatment  yields burns which freeze the blood that changing temporarily  the size and function of gland sebaceous or abundant fat gland. This temperature impact kills the bacteria and reduces the sebum production. Soon after the first treatment, you will see the reduction of acne in number on your skin. These blemishes will not reappear during 6 months. However, for best result, you are suggested to undergo some sessions of treatments.

What about my appearance after having acne laser treatment? Do I need time for recovery?

When this acne laser treatment is done, your skin would be rather redness. This redness usually will fade after a few hours. After undergoing acne laser treatment, you can return to continue your daily activity.

Should I have stubborn acne to get laser treatment?

No, in a simple procedure for outpatient, acne laser treatment can be done to patients having acne problem in all ages. Only you can determine how the acne can influence you and what step you will take to improve the appearance of your skin.

How can acne laser treatment assist to take care of blemishes?

Acne laser treatment selectively stimulates dermis (the skin tissue which is precisely underneath the skin surface) which stimulates special cells produce collagen. The collagen production hereinafter will fill the holes of blemishes or wrinkles. This acne laser treatment is applicable to improve scar,  blemishes or wrinkles in anywhere area at your body. However, to eliminate the stubborn blemishes, acne laser treatment can be combined with other treatment to get best result.

How long does acne laser treatment take place?

Acne laser treatment consists of weekly treatment during 2 – 4 weeks (4 – 8 times treatment). Obvious change would be seen a few weeks after the second treatment is done. Advanced acne laser treatment can increase face improvement and maintains rejuvenation of skin. The improvement in the skin will continue until a few months after the last treatment is performed.


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