How To Clear Up Acne Now

thermaclear acne treatment device
thermaclear acne treatment device

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The war on acne is a tough thing from the first adolescent memories of the first pimple before our first dance or date can be a haunting and horrid memory. It just doesnt have to be that way and with a little knowledge we can help you get past those unsightly and embarrassing moments. First your going to need to understand that acne originates in the pores of our skin. Our pores excrete oils and fats to lubricate our skin against injury and infection. Sometimes while the natural process is happening a pore may become clogged. What happens next is what we all dread the most. The swelling and autoimmune response which makes it look absolutely horrid.

how to clear up acne

You have a few options, but I would recommend a multi-pronged approach in this war as we both know the only casualty we want to think about is the potential for acne and not our social lives.

First a bit of prevention, trust me when I say an ounce of this is worth 25lbs of maintenance. We are going to do both though to ensure that we have the smallest chance possible to have to deal with any acne.

Wash your hands occasionally as you pickup dirt and oil from all types of things and often times rub them right into your pores. Next use a preventative cleansing pad that is not alchol based as this could dry out your skin and cause even further damage than you wish to play with at this point. Make sure to deep cleanse nightly with an exfoliating cleanser to keep those pores clean overnight and wash away any makeup if you wear it or normal everyday grime.

Once a week you should think about a deep cleaning mask. If this does not irritate your skin a hot mask will help to get anything negative out of your skin and promote a clear face. All of this along with less make up or more skin friendly make up doubled up with some uv protecting for you skin will keep you and your skin happy for years to come and most certainly clearer than it is now.


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