Best Acne Cream, Is Their Such a Thing?


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This could possibly be the riddle wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma for the last several generations, and most likely several more to come. While their are many acne creams no two are created equal. Depending on your preference and skin type and whether or not your extra oily or dry with random acne will help dictate in which direction of the sales counter or dermatologist you ought to be heading.

Their is no cure all for acne many of the higher strength prescription options such as the retin gels or creams will most certainly clear up most any acne but at the price of extra dry skin or cracking or sometimes a faint allergic reaction. The less potent Salicylic acid can work miracles for the majority of the population suffering from mild to severe acne as this helps eliminate the bacteria and keep it from reproducing. These products are mostly the nifty little pads you swipe your face with. Their is yet another category of product that uses a sulfur base in its cream as to promote exfoliation of dead skin and thus less or no clogging of the pores to begin with. These would be your garden variety of masks and overnight creams.

Each has its ups and downs but even the doctor prescribed products do not always work so sadly their is not to date a magic bullet for acne. Constant vigilance and a good attitude with the knowledge that your not the only one by a long shot suffering with the war on acne along witha handful of multi-useful products should keep you as well to do in the war on acne as anyone else.

If you happen to be in the one percent or less that never needed the best acne cream than I am sure you know everyone else will have a bit of envy of you. Take care of your body through healthy eating habits, exercize and proper social activity and give yourself time to relax and unwind. All this with a few acne creams ought to make a huge difference.


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