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Lemon is a fruit which are commonly used as ingredients for cooking. This can drop the lime taste fishy dishes, besides lime juice can also be used as a cough medicine. Not only is it just turns lime can be used as your facial treatments that can cure a lot of facial skin problems. What the heck uses lime juice to the face? This information is for you.

Reasons why you should apply lime juice on your face

1. Get rid of acne

In this lemon substances antioxidants that can drop pimples from your face. Acne appears due to blockage of the pores on your face. Acne is indeed always makes You uncomfortable and certainly not confident if performed before the people. For it uses lemons for this face you need to try, because it is the lemon natural ingredients are very easily obtainable and the price was very affordable. How to use it i.e. use water juice of lemon to your face that breakouts then let sit until it dries out and rinse with cold water. Easy isn’t it?

2. Brighten the face skin
Have a bright face is yearning for every woman. With a bright face no doubt You will be more confident to do in front of people. Uses of lime juice to the face can be successful if you routinely applying lemon juice water every day. This is indeed not the instant can brighten your face however these natural ingredients will be so safe for your face because it does not contain harmful ingredients

3. Smooth skin face
Uses for lime for the next face can soften your facial skin. In this lime contained in vitamin C that can soften your facial skin. Of course it’s easy you just cut your lemon and squeeze until the water comes out. After that apply it on your face and let sit until dry then rinse with clean water. To get the most results use the juice of lemons this routine every day.

That’s the 3 uses of lime juice for the lemon actually face this could also face to remove dull, tighten facial skin and others. Good luck and be pleased to prove it.


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