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There are thousands of products for acne medication on the market, from the ordinary drugstore variety to the expensive products used and supported by celebrities.  Many of them can be ineffective and many others are good for acne medication. But you don’t just choose any product and go through any treatment. You have to know what the best and suitable for you, so it is worthwhile finding the best acne medication to handle the problems in order to enjoy a healthy, glowing face skin.

What kind of products you will use and what kind of acne medication you need will depend on which acne category you fall under. There are three categories of acne; mild, moderate and severe. We will see below the description of acne medication for each category.

Acne medication for mild category. If you are one of blessed people who fall under mild category, a wide acne medication is not required. You only require doing a normal simple acne medication, as simple as cleanse, tone, and moisturize. You can clean your face with a mild cleanser, then use  the right toner and then slather moisturizer on.  The important thing for you is to sustain your skin care routine in order to achieve an obvious result. And don’t forget to take vitamins such vitamin E to help keep the healthy of your skin.

Acne medication for moderate category. People with moderate acne usually have blackheads and whiteheads wrapping about half of their faces. If you fall under this category, you have to go to a good dermatologist to consult and make sure that you skin problems do not severe category. For moderate acne cases, dermatologists usually prescribed combination treatment, and frequently they can be treated in a simple way. Combination treatment contains of physical treatment such as pimple extraction, and prescription acne medication such as retinoid creams.

Acne medication for severe category. People with severe acne suffer from inflamed pimples that grow into cyst-like parts. With severe acne, scarring is unavoidable,  and this will cause anguish for people who suffer from it. People with severe acne problems require extensive acne medication. Dermatologists will use forceful treatments to take care of the problem. This includes oral medication and antibiotics, along with the topical treatments. Acne surgery is always an option, which involves processes such as drainage and surgical incision. Some dermatologists apply corticosteroids injections as part of the acne medication. This method is depending on the severity of the acne, by using this method it will melt the cysts.

The best acne medications will not only free you of acne, but will also prevent your acne from returning. But you have to remember that consistency is the key. And you have to make sure that the treatment you are using is recommended. Using the wrong kind of treatment can generate your acne worse, and will absolutely waste your money and effort. For those with moderate and severe categories, follow your dermatologist advises in performing your acne medication to make sure that any action you do is alright.

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